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Family Of Murdered Student, Grandmother Launch Social Media Blitz

MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) – The family of a retired minister and her grandson whose bodies were found Tuesday in her Miami Gardens home has taken to Facebook and Twitter with calls to help find their killer.

"How could you do this to an innocent elderly lady and a young man you didn't even know, you didn't even know my son. How could you do this," a distraught Carolyn Walker asked.

The Walkers said the bodies of Tyrone Walker Jr., 20, and his grandmother, 70-year old Annette Anderson, were found bound with duct tape.

They believe they were killed execution style in Anderson's home at 3451 NW 207th Street.

Miami Gardens police have not confirmed this information.

"This was a vicious type of execution. Seventy years of age that you actually bound her up and shoot her multiple times and also shoot my nephew multiple times," said Walker Jr.'s uncle Pastor Virgil Walker.

Tyrone's parents said their son, who everyone called TJ, had moved from Jacksonville to South Florida to attend ITT Tech. Walker Jr. had only been here for a couple of months was going to school to earn a computer science degree.

Carolyn Walker, who lost both her son and her mother, struggles to figure out why it happened.  Her brother is the one who found them.  She knew immediately when he called that there was trouble.  "He just kept saying that, 'he's in there, he's in there' and I said 'he's in where?'  And he said 'mom too!'  And when he said 'mom too,' I knew it was bad."

"You can't feel the pain that I'm feeling right now," said Tyrone Walker, Sr. "When my wife called me at 10:30 a.m. at my job crying and screaming it was very devastating. I'm just sorry I wasn't here to protect him." "I can't image what was going through his mind in those last few moments" Carolyn said.  "I can't even imagine. I know he was wishing for us to be there,  and we weren't."

One of the questions yet to be answered is when they were killed. Police got a call Tuesday from a concerned neighbor who said she hadn't seen them for days. For the stunned family, they're finding slight comfort in knowing they were at least together when they were murdered.

"For me it is comforting to know they were together, that she wasn't there alone and he wasn't there alone," said Carolyn Walker.

Anyone with information which can help investigators call the Miami Gardens Police Department or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

The family is determined the person or person's responsible will be caught.  "We're going to hunt you down!" said a family member,  "We're going to find you, you're not going to get away with this!"

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