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Big Party Weekend Going Well So Far As Takeover Miami Continues On South Beach

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – Miami Beach police are out in force for an event that was planned on social media to take over Miami.

It makes for a popular weekend on South Beach.

"We are going somewhere," Trivia Shonties said.

Hotels, bars, and clubs are staying extra busy.

"Everybody is up and down the strip. The beach is popping, you know the Wet Willie's, and the Fat Tuesday. Everybody is just out," Uchenna Nwokorie said.

There are some locals along with many who live far away.

People were dressed in neon colors for a pool party Saturday night. It's a part of what's called "Takeover Miami".

That's a three day event at several clubs and hotels advertised on social media. But as always, there are other events too.

"Miami Beach has been great. The weather has been good. Miami has been treating us well," a visitor said.

First responders are staying busy. Because of the increase crowds, the city manager has designated this a "high impact weekend".

"What that in essence does, it gives all be city departments the tools to go ahead and put measures in place to keep everyone safe," Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said.

There are extra officers in uniform. But there are also ones in plain clothes. While lying on the sand during the day, there are some rules in place.

"Will be prohibiting things like tables, coolers, and tents out on the beach and limiting amplified music," Rodriguez said.

In some neighborhoods, police say only people who live or work on the beach will be allowed.

Police are pulling over drivers heading to the beach, that's if there's an issue they discover with license plate readers. It's an effort to keep neighbors and visitors safe.

As a showing of an uptick in officers, police have the mobile command center outside the police department.

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