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Best Sightseeing Activities in Florida: Everglades Tour

If you're looking for top attractions and sightseeing activities in Florida, you're in luck. There's plenty to do in the sunshine state to keep your energy level high and your thrill-meter full speed ahead. In fact, South Florida is perhaps one of the best locales for outdoor sightseeing on account of the weather which is spectacular. If nature and wildlife are your thing, you simply must experience an Everglades tour for some of the best sightseeing around. What can you expect to see? Climb aboard, and let the journey begin!

Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh My

One thing is for sure, the Florida Everglades is not the Land of Oz and you will not see any lions, tigers or bears on your Everglades tour. But there's no shortage of excitement, because you'll come face-to-face with plenty of amazing wildlife, including the American alligator, exotic snakes, amphibians and some of the most gorgeous birds and tropical fish around. Each Everglades tour is unique so there's always something different and new to see, even if you visit every day! Experiencing Florida's best highlights by boat is an easy, convenient and safe way to sightsee and a thrill for all ages.

Unforgettable Flora and Tropical Vegetation

Wildlife is one of the main reasons why folks visit the Everglades, but sightseeing doesn't end when the animals are out of sight. With flora and tropical vegetation that can only be described as awe-inspiring, Florida's wetlands are jam-packed with hundreds, if not thousands of amazing plants that are all part of this unique ecosystem. Sawgrass may dominate the landscape, but the Everglades are also home to an unbelievable array of incredible wetland tree islands and shrubs. The Cypress for example, is well known for having unusual root systems that form "knees" growing out of the Earth. And the Pond Apple tree is fruit-bearing, providing a consistent food source for many of the areas animals.

Birds Anyone?

For literally thousands of years, wading, land and birds of prey have flocked to the warm, shallow waters of the Florida Everglades. In fact, in the 1800's, John James Audubon (renowned wildlife artist) was quick to note that Everglades wading birds appeared in such large numbers that they "block out the light from the sun". Today, there are over 350 identified bird species living in the Everglades, giving sightseers everything they need to complement the perfect Everglades tour. Popular long legged wading birds like the Great Egret, Blue Heron and the endangered Wood Stork are always fun to spot, iconic images folks enjoy seeing up close and personal.

With cultural history and diverse wildlife, fun is redefined on a tour through the Florida Everglades. A pristine tropical paradise filled with exciting animals, amazing plants and more, an Everglades tour complements of Everglades Holiday Park is enjoyable for all- and clearly one of the most exciting sightseeing activities in Florida.

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