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Back to School: Thousands of kids will take the bus next week

Buses ready to go as kids return to school
Buses ready to go as kids return to school 01:55

MIAMI - The start of the new school year is right around the corner.

Next week, tens of thousands of kids will take the bus to school and there are some things parents can do to make sure everything goes smoothly

Parents should do a "test run" with their kids and actually walk the route to their child's stop to see how long the walk takes, and if there are any hazards or obstacles along the way.

A big concern is what to do if the bus just doesn't show up or is really late.

Dr. Simone Clowers, with Broward Schools' transportation department, said if that happens the parent should call the terminal. They will not only look into what happened but make sure the student gets to class.

"What time did the bus stop, did the bus pass, is the bus on the way, so we do a pre-verification first before we contact the driver. If all that shows the driver did go but the child missed the stop, or was maybe sitting on the wrong corner, we'll contact the driver and have them return back to the stop if possible," she said.

Clowers also advises parents to accompany their children to the stop the first couple of weeks and to give the driver about ten minutes or so after the stop time as delays can happen the first week.

Broward students return to class on August 16th. Miami-Dade students return on August 17th.   

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