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25 Gifts Under $25 That Will Make Your Life More Awesome

By Crystal Hessong

Skip the same old gift cards and give something truly unique for your next gift-giving occasion. The best part is you won't break the bank for these unusual finds.


1. Personal Humidifier

Those who enjoy their creature comforts can get what they need when traveling with these humidifiers that plug into a USB port or operate off batteries. Get one from Amazon for $24.99.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens (Source:

Purchase on for $24.99


2. Sports Mugs

For the kid or kid at heart, these Max'is sports mugs let you play with your food. Featuring a basketball hoop or a baseball glove, you can practice your throw with marshmallows into hot chocolate or oyster crackers into soup. Meals have never been so much fun. Get it from The Grommet for $24.


Purchase on for $24


3. "The Onion Book of Known Knowledge"

Don't let those around you remain ignorant. This book contains all the knowledge ever found. (Or maybe not, it is from The Onion, after all.) For those with a particular sense of humor, this book is a must-have. Find the hardcover edition on Amazon for $12.34.

Flower DL
Miami Beach Botanical Garden (Source:

Purchase on for $12.43


4. 11-in-1 Multitool

For the person who has everything, get a compact tool that does everything. This 11-in-1 multitool fits in a pocket and costs just $25 from The Grommet.


Purchase on for $25


5. Cocoa Butter Body Kit

Who can say no to cocoa? Cocoa butter smooths the skin in this three-piece kit from Kirklands. It includes hand wash, body gel and hand and nail cream for only $24.99.

Morikami Museum
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens (Source:

Purchase on for $14.97


6. Taco Duffel Bag

Remind your loved one why he or she goes to the gym (to be able to eat tacos) with this taco duffel bag from Amazon. Pack it with gym clothes or with tacos; it's up to you. Get this bag for $14.64.


Purchase on for $14.64


7. Wooden Alarm Clock

Everyone needs at least one clock in the home. Give this cool clock with a wooden hexagonal design that features three alarms, sound activation and sleep mode. Amazon has it for $23.99.


Purchase on for $23.99


8. Copper Coffee Grinder

Coffee lovers deserve a good grind on their morning brew. This copper coffee grinder not only looks good, but also grinds well. Burr grinders produce better ground coffee for a tastier cup. Get this incredible vintage grinder from World Market for $19.99.


Purchase on for $19.99


9. Build-On Brick Coffee Mug

Add to a Lego-lover's collection with this build-on coffee mug. Build even more on the sides of this mug with Legos or other plastic bricks. Find it on Amazon for $8.94.


Purchase on for $8.94


10. Calming Bath Salts

Tell that special someone to chill out with a soothing bath filled with relaxing Dead Sea bath salts. For $24 from Amazon, you get a jar of Herbivore Botanicals soaking salts that have the relaxing scents of vanilla and ylang-ylang.


Purchase on for $24


11. Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game

Relax. No one can be stressed when Bob Ross is around. Give the gift of chill with this board game from Target for $24.99.


Purchase on for $24.99


12. Dinosaur Cell Phone Holder

Everyone owns a cell phone. This dinosaur cell phone holder makes it easy to watch videos and more, hands-free. Find this cute gift for $6.99 on Amazon.


Purchase on for $6.99


13. Thomas Kinkade Disney Coloring Book

Not for little kids, the Thomas Kinkade Disney coloring book is ideal for fans of Disney and adult coloring. Check out fully-colored images from Thomas Kinkade while coloring your own on the facing page. Get it from Amazon for $8.37.


Purchase on for $8.37


14. Mickey Mouse Mug and Coffee Warmer

While you may not always be able to get your loved one a hot cup of coffee, you can get him or her a coffee warmer and mug. This classically designed Mickey Mouse mug and warmer set costs $27 at Amazon.


Purchase on for $27


15. "Life is Brewtiful" Shirt

Remind the beer-lover in your life that life indeed is "brewtiful" with this shirt from Amazon for $15.99.


Purchase on for $15.99


16. Anatomic Heart Coasters

Give your heart to someone with these coasters. Stacked properly, the six coasters recreate an image of an anatomical heart, perfect for the medical student or doctor in your life. The set costs $18.99 at Amazon.


Purchase on for $18.99


17. "Fifty Shades of Bacon" Cookbook

If you thought nothing could be sexier than "Fifty Shades of Gray," you've never considered bacon. Okay, so this cookbook doesn't really have anything sexy about it aside from 50 delicious bacon recipes. Amazon sells this book for $11.68.


Purchase on for $11.68


18. Leather Wallet

Even in a cashless society, everyone needs a wallet. It's the perfectly practical gift that's always appreciated. Get a leather-coated Columbia trifold wallet from Amazon for $19.99.


Purchase on for $19.99


19. Chiffon Scarf

Every woman needs a lightweight scarf in her wardrobe. This chiffon scarf from Amazon costs just $14.99 and is perfect to wear all year long with any outfit.


Purchase on for $19.99


20. Mini Waffle Maker

For $18 at Urban Outfitters, waffles get shrunk to silver-dollar size for cute breakfasts without the box of Eggos.

MIAMI - Firefighters work to extinguish the flames from a semi-truck that caught fire after an accident on I-95 on 2/28/13. (Source: CBS4)

Purchase on for $18


21. Erasable Notebook

Save the environment and get a cool tech toy at the same time. Perfect for students, artists or journal-keepers, this erasable notebook can be used up to 500 times and has waterproof pages. Heat quickly and completely removes the special ink. Check it out on Amazon for $22.98.


Purchase on for $23.99


22. Fidget Blocks

For that co-worker who won't stop annoyingly tapping his pencil, give fidget blocks and get some peace and quiet at the office. Find these at Uncommon Goods for $16.


Purchase on for $16


23. Earbud Storage Container

Who hasn't had to deal with tangled earbuds? Get a container that keeps the cords from getting tied up in the first place. You can purchase one of these zippered containers for only $10 from Amazon.


Purchase on for $10


24. Portable Resistance Band Kit

Unless you want a punch in the mouth, don't give exercise equipment to anyone who hasn't asked for it, but if you know a workout fiend, this resistance band kit makes a great travel gift. Find it on Amazon for $23.97.


Purchase on for $23.97


25. Silver Picture Frame

Everyone has photographs around the house. A silver 8x10-inch picture frame makes an ideal present for anyone, old or young. Get it from Crate & Barrel for $19.95.


Purchase on for $19.95


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