Windows Vista's Integrated Desktop Search is a winner

Last Updated Feb 23, 2007 3:54 PM EST

  • The Start menu

    The Start menu

    By now you probably know that one of the great technologies in Windows Vista is the new Integrated Desktop Search feature, which is designed to make it extremely easy to find files on your hard disk no matter where they're stored. You probably also know that Microsoft recently released Windows Vista's Integrated Desktop Search is a winner, which uses the same search technology and indexing engine as Windows Vista. So, by downloading and installing Windows Desktop Search 3.0 in Windows XP, you'll have the power of Windows Vista's new search technology, while retaining the same user interface of the previous versions of Windows Desktop Search. While the new user interface for Windows Vista's Desktop Search is very cool, it's the integration that really makes it special.

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    The Start menu
    As you know, the Graphical User Interface, or GUI, in Windows Vista has undergone a major overhaul. One of the more prominent places in which you'll encounter the new GUI is the Start menu, which, in addition to its new look, has been dramatically streamlined for maximum efficiency. A key feature on the new Start menu is the Start Search tool, located right above the Start button.