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The 9 most in-demand jobs that pay more than $100,000


A six-figure job is often seen as the hallmark of success, but how difficult is it to find one?

Workers in certain high-paying professions are likely to face a tougher time securing a job, based on a combination of demand, skills and industry trends. Many of the six-figure jobs that are in most demand don't require advanced degrees, which may also explain their appeal to job-seekers, according to a new survey from Glassdoor.

Prospective employees in these professions should put extra time into their job search, resumes and interview prep to make sure they stand out, the employment site said. Given that median income for U.S. households stands at slightly more than $56,000, scoring a job that pays almost twice that level can be provide a significant income bump. While they may not require graduate degrees, these occupations generally require training and special skills.

The most in-demand, high-paying jobs "can attract people with an undergraduate degree and relevant work experience, which is a much bigger pool of people, in most cases, than those holding a specific advanced degree," said Scott Dobroski, community expert at Glassdoor.

He added, "In other words, if there is high competition for an open role, this translates into more people hitting that apply button online, which means it will be harder for job-seekers to get the attention of a hiring manager and potentially score an interview."

Read on to learn about the nine highest-paying, most-in-demand jobs.

9. Product marketing manager: $116,000


These workers help companies formulate marketing plans for new and existing products. Employers generally are looking for candidates with a bachelor's degree in business or a related field, while an advanced degree such as an MBA can be helpful.

Glassdoor said it has more than 2,500 job openings for product marketing managers on its site, with companies including Microsoft (MSFT) and Expedia (EXPE) looking to hire for the role.

8. IT manager: $118,000


IT managers work on a company's information-technology infrastructure and oversee systems such as network security. Companies are often searching for candidates who combine excellent technical skills as well as the ability to work with different types of people.

Glassdoor has more than 2,700 job openings for IT managers, with companies including Sears Holdings' (SHLD) Lands' End and FedEx (FDX) on the hunt.

7. Finance manager: $118,000


These professionals work within corporations to forecast and analyze business trends. Typically, companies want candidates to have a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting or a similar field.

Glassdoor currently has more than 6,400 job openings for finance managers, with employers including NBC Universal (CMCSA) and Amazon (AMZN) searching for candidates.

6. Pharmacist: $120,000


Pharmacists must earn a PharmD degree, which generally takes either three or four years to complete. Then practitioners must pass a state licensing exam, which includes a national or state law exam. Customer-service skills are also a plus.

Glassdoor has more than 4,200 job openings for pharmacists, with companies including Safeway (SWY) and OhioHealth searching for applicants to fill the role.

5. Medical science Liaison: $140,000


This career has grown alongside the pharmaceutical and health care industry. According to the Medical Science Liaison Society, the role began in the late 1960s when a pharmaceutical company was looking for field staff with scientific training who could communicate with medical professionals.

Medical science liaisons generally have doctorate degrees, such as a medical degree or a PharmD.

Glassdoor has more than 1,300 job openings for the occupation. Companies including Valeant Pharmaceuticals' (VRX) Bausch & Lomb and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) are among those hiring for the role.

4. Technology manager: $140,000


Workers in this role help manage a business' technical operations, as well as overseeing employees such as software developers. The job typically requires a bachelor's in science, computer science or a related degree.

Glassdoor has more than 2,200 tech manager job openings, with companies including JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Quicken Loans looking for applicants.

3. Engineering manager: $145,000


Engineering managers oversee software engineering teams and typically hold a bachelor's or masters of computer science or a related field.

Glassdoor has more than 5,200 job openings for the role. Companies that are hiring for the post include Yelp (YELP) and Microsoft.

2. Software engineering manager: $150,000


Software engineering managers oversee software as well as teams of engineers and typically have either a bachelor's or a masters in computer science or a related field.

Glassdoor has more than 1,300 job openings, with companies including Google (GOOG) and Nike (NKE) hiring workers in the role.

1. Patent attorney: $150,000


While many of the highest-paying, most-in-demand jobs are in the tech industry, patent attorneys are also vital to the sector given its reliance on patents. Aside from graduating from law school and passing the state bar exam, patent attorneys need to be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and pass the patent bar exam.

Because of the technical nature of patents, the PTO requires that patent attorneys have scientific and technical training, which is the focus of the patent bar exam.

Glassdoor has more than 1,100 openings for patent attorneys. Companies and agencies that are hiring include Novartis (NVS) and the U.S. Department of Justice.

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