The 11 highest-paying companies in America

  • Photographer: Andrey Popov, Getty Images/iStockphoto

    A well-paying job may seem increasingly out of reach for many Americans, especially after years of stagnant incomes.

    The good news: Many U.S. companies are paying handsome salaries, as well as offering career opportunities and challenges. Yet getting a foot in the door won't be easy for most workers. The country's highest-paying employers tend to cluster in a few industries, such as technology and consulting, where education, training, and skills are key, according to a survey from employment site Glassdoor.

    Hiring at these firms is competitive, which means candidates need to prove they're the cream of the crop to score a job offer. Many of the companies demand that employees put in long hours, and the level of job stress can be high. Nevertheless, these employers offer the types of career opportunities that are lacking in many lower-paying sectors, such as retail or manufacturing, and are more resilient against the impact of automation.

    Read on to learn about America's 11 top-paying employers.