The 10 most embarrassing cars

  • (MoneyWatch) If "you are what you drive," these are the cars of which personal nightmares are made - the automobiles that tell the world in no uncertain terms that you're broke, out of touch or lacking style, at least according to

    After taking an informal survey to narrow down the field of cars that consumers would be most embarrassed to drive, the insurance comparison site showed 1,500 people photographs of the 12 finalists, asking which cars were most "cringe-worthy." The website also inquired about the other elements that make a ridiculous ride, from car type to color to add-ons, such as spoilers and bumper stickers.

    Of course, the cringiest cars are generally those that are so distinctive that you'll either love them or hate them, says editor Des Toups. Indeed, some have a cult following of drivers who know they're going to be judged by their ride and are willing to blast a non-verbal "bring it on."

    Keep clicking to discover the colors, car types and options that embarrass drivers the most, as well as the nation's 10 most cringe-worthy rides.