Super Bowl XLVII: Watch the ads

  • Retirees spend a night on the town in a Super Bowl XLVII commercial for Taco Bell. Taco Bell

    Last Updated Feb. 3 at 10:30 p.m. ET

    It's time for Super Bowl XLVII, and fans know what that means -- advertisers squaring off for television's biggest audience with their boldest, funniest and most memorable commercials.

    Such is the anticipation that many advertisers post teaser ads for their commercials online, to build buzz before Sunday's broadcast.

    And while many sports fans will be Monday-morning quarterbacking about whatever the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens do (or don't do) on the field, there will also be plenty of Monday-morning quarterbacking about what ads did or didn't work.

    Click through our gallery of commercial and preview videos.

    And then click here to take our poll and tell us, which ad wins as this year's most memorable Super Bowl commercial?

    Hyundai Santa Fe "Epic Playdate"

    If you're stuck on what to do on a family outing, it helps if you're accompanied by the psychedelic rock band The Flaming Lips (here singing "The Sun Blow Up Today") in one of three ads by the automaker.

    Hyundai "Stuck"

    We've all been there -- but at least Hyundai's Sonata Turbo can get you past such road obstacles.

    Hyundai "Team"

    Hyundai's third ad is their funniest -- though it leaves revenge in the mind of the beholder. The commercial as aired ended on a more pointed note.

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