Six things you don't know about Herman Cain

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    FTN - Herman CainBefore Herman Cain announced his candidacy for president of the United States, just 21% of Republicans had ever heard of him, according to a Gallup poll in March. This week, a new poll showed nearly 80% of Republicans recognize the former pizza baron's name. As Gallup put it, "This is the largest gain in recognition for any GOP presidential candidate Gallup has tracked this year."

    The gain, of course, coincides with Cain's remarkable ascent to the top of the crowded Republican field in the past few weeks; a feat that has shocked the media, the GOP establishment, and especially his political rivals.

    Mention Cain and you're likely to hear something about his role as Godfather's Pizza CEO or his stint as a talk radio host. He's gotten a lot of buzz from his 999 economic plan and his irreverent political ads. People tend to like that Cain is a political novice who has never held public office, and they are attracted to his optimism and his affable personality.

    But there is much yet to learn about Cain, which is why many are reluctant to call him the official frontrunner.

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