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Jon Stewart's best "Daily Show" segments

Jon Stewart became the host of "The Daily Show" in early 1999. Since then, he has addressed almost every major issue facing the country, even when that issue is a very serious matter.

On his first show after the 9/11 attacks, Stewart took a somber tone -- with Stewart trying to hold back tears throughout the entire segment.

"I'm sorry to do this to you," he said. "It's another entertainment show beginning with an overwrought speech of a shaken host, and television is nothing if not redundant..."

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Stewart takes on Glenn Beck (2009)

Many pundits have taken issue with Glenn Beck's reporting, but few critics have attacked the Fox News personality like Stewart has over the years. In this hilarious 2009 segment, Stewart parodies Beck's overblown newscast style, calling out what he sees as absurdities in Beck's political preachings.

Stewart on "Crossfire" (2004)

In 2004, Stewart guested on CNN's "Crossfire," voicing his concerns about the program. "It's not so much that it's bad as it's hurting America...Stop hurting America," Stewart said.

The show's hosts were taken by surprise, with Tucker Carlson exclaiming, "I thought you were going to be funny. Come on, be funny."

"No, I'm not going to be your monkey," responded Stewart. In January 2005, CNN canceled "Crossfire" in part because of Stewart's criticisms of the show. This isn't a "Daily Show" clip per se, but deserves a spot on our list.

Indecision 2000 (2000)

Just a year into "The Daily Show," a youthful Stewart put himself on the map with his coverage of the drawn-out presidential election recount between George W. Bush and Al Gore in Florida. When Stewart finally announced that Bush had won, the studio audience gave a mixed cheers/boos response. "And the crowd loves it," Stewart joked.

The segment brought the show more into the public eye, and personalities like Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell also made appearances as an added bonus.

Stewart vs. Jim Cramer (2009)

In this revealing segment, Jon Stewart takes down Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC's "Mad Money," during the peak of the financial crisis. He criticizes Cramer's own contradictory actions -- showing unseen footage of the host talking his hedge fund practices -- and proving how he was being dishonest on-air.

"You knew what the banks were doing, and yet you were touting it for months and months. The entire network was," Stewart said. "And so now to pretend that this was some sort of crazy, once-in-a-lifetime tsunami that no-one could have seen coming, is disingenuous at best and criminal at worst."

"Guantanamo Baywatch" (2012)

In this hilarious 2012 segment, Stewart uses Gitmo -- an Elmo puppet dressed up as a Guantanamo Bay -- to parody the Obama administration for not delivering on its promise to shut down the prison.

This was after Brian Williams reported that the prison had a library, enrichment classes and a brand new soccer field.

Stewart's healthcare smackdown (2009)

In this 2009 segment, Stewart has on Betsy McCaughey -- a former lieutenant governor of New York who led the charge against President Obama's health reform bill. In the following interview, Stewart takes down McCaughey for her alleged misinterpretation of the bill, and it's a wild ride to watch.

Stewart vs. Rumsfeld (2011)

Stewart starts his confrontational interview with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld by saying, "I know why you're here. And let me just deflate the tension right off the bat: Apology accepted."

Rumseld was a favorite target for Stewart during the George W. Bush era, and during their interview, Stewart tries to get him to admit to the White House's "certainty bordering on arrogance," as Stewart puts it, leading into the Iraq war.

Tell us: What was your favorite "Daily Show" segment?

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