Hot Ads: Ron Paul attacks, Gov. Walker attacked and two liberal candidates battle it out

  • Welcome to another the latest installment of Hot Ads of the Week -- the latest and greatest ads from around the country. This week we feature a selection of ads in the campaign for president, for the Senate, for the House and last but not least, a governor's race with a bit of history thrown in.

    Ron Paul attacks the field

    After speculation that Ron Paul was secretly teaming with rival Mitt Romney in the GOP primary, Paul's campaign is up with an ad in Washington State that hits Romney, as well as regular targets Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

    Over pictures of Gingrich, the narrator says: "one is a serial hypocrite who lobbied for Freddie Mac before the housing crisis and for the individual mandate before Obamacare."

    Enter Santorum: "Another counterfeit conservative who opposes right to work, massively increased spending and funded planned parenthood."

    And then Romney: "Finally, a flip-flopper who's been on all sides, supported bailouts, and provided the blueprint for Obamacare, says the announcer."

    Over pictures of all three: three men, one vision, more big government, more mandates, less freedom, the ad says.

    Then the ad changes its tone to positive, with the announcer saying, "One man stands apart, ready to deliver real change voting against every tax increase and every unbalanced budget, every time." Then, over video of Ron Paul speaking to a enthusiastic rally, the announcer drives home the message -- "Pro-life, pro-liberty, guided by faith and principle, Ron Paul, the one who will restore America now."

    The ad is unique in that it hits all three opponents equally and not just attacking the front runner at the time.

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