Horses to humans: 10 barns converted into cozy homes

  • Photo courtesy of Zillow

    Barnyard chic is a hot home design trend right now.

    Rustic style elements are popping up all over the place on popular home design shows like HGTV's "FixerUpper," and home design site Houzz recently highlighted farmhouse-style entryways as one of the top 25 home design trends of 2016.

    But these homes have taken that idea to a whole new level, repurposing spaces originally made for housing livestock and storing grain and turning them into cozy, modern homes with rustic charm.

    Many converted barn homes still show hints of their original use, with their heavy beams left exposed and silos incorporated as part of the new house. That doesn't mean they've retained the dark, shadowy interiors you might normally associate with barns. Many have been opened up with large windows to let in tons of natural light.

    Click ahead for 10 homes that would make you proud to say you were raised in a barn.

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