Diet trends: What to try, what to skip

  • "Clean eating"


    The buzzword "clean eating" is making its way around the diet and nutrition world, said Lenox Hill Hospital nutrition and fitness expert Sharon Zarabi.

    "It is a way to describe eating foods that come in the purest form, unprocessed and light," said Zarabi.

    People into "clean" foods avoid rich sauces, processed foods and additives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or anything fried in oil, in favor of a diet of whole grains, protein, and fruits and vegetables, preferably organic.

    While "clean eating" implies something good, Zarabi said she does not recommend this approach to clients because it encourages extreme dieting behavior.

    "Extreme dieters may take it literally and avoid any healthy fats. Although we are trying to get you to eat healthy, everything falls into a balanced diet. If you try to avoid eating cooked foods and adding healthy fats to your diet in an effort to eat 'clean,' you may be missing out on essential nutrients and fats to help with many metabolic processes within the body," Zarabi said.

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