Take a celebrity vacation by renting these legends' homes

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    Have some vacation days left this year? Why not go stay in Elizabeth Taylor's former home?

    Legendary stars like Taylor, Orson Welles and John Steinbeck left some appealing real estate in their wake, and many smart new buyers have seen the investment opportunity in leaving them relatively untouched. After all, staying in Frank Sinatra's old place may be much more interesting for short-term renters if they can use the original sound system. And who wouldn't want to sleep in Dick Clark's master suite, a replica of the Lincoln Room at the White House?

    Some current owners are actively targeting vacationers through home rental websites like HomeAway.com, but others are open to longer-term arrangements. Lessees hoping to stay for more than a few days could talk to Harry Houdini estate property manager Lori Seyer, for example, and take their time discovering all of the outlandish home's mysterious nooks and crannies.

    Check out these 10 houses where legendary celebrities once hung their hats.

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