Cat videos become high art at Minneapolis museum

  • Nyan Cat

    (CBS/AP) The Walker Art Center, a well-regarded museum of modern art in Minneapolis, is presenting its first "Internet Cat Video Festival" to showcase the best in filmed feline hijinks.

    With about 70 videos over 60 minutes, the Walker is mounting a social experiment as much as a film festival. At issue is whether cat video lovers used to gorging on the clips in the privacy of their homes will do so in public -- an online community of fellow aficionados interacting face to face for the first time.

    So, in honor of furry felines who are known for their curiosity, we have a collection of some of the videos that will be on display to satisfy your own curiosity and provide some much-needed levity to the day. First on the list is a video that became a cultural phenomenon in 2011 and still remains a mainstream meme to this day: Nyan Cat!

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