5 used cars loaded with the latest tech

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    If your budget makes you a used-car shopper, you don't have to sacrifice up-to-date automotive technology. Features such as backup cameras, blind-spot warning and Bluetooth connectivity for cell phones are available in used cars costing thousands of dollars less than new models.

    "Many shoppers will be surprised to learn how many used cars currently available are loaded with advanced technology," said Ron Montoya, senior consumer advice editor for automotive website Edmunds.com. Edmunds has researched five important techy features and what model years they first became widely available.

    Knowing when these features first were offered lets you search for used cars that may have this technology. However, items that later became standard on many models started out limited to just the more expensive versions of those models. So, in doing your shopping, check the details of any advertised car to make sure it has the tech feature you crave.

    Edmunds also identified for CBS MoneyWatch a selection of used cars currently for sale that represent early adoption of various technologies, often as part of a broader tech package. The prices are those quoted by sellers on Edmunds.com. Used-car prices can vary widely depending on the condition and mileage of a particular vehicle.

    Click here to see more on the technology features and the used cars you can now find that adopted them.

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