5 cars turning heads at the New York Auto Show

  • Mary Altaffer, AP

    Just as the latest "The Fast and the Furious" sequel is debuting, automakers at the New York International Auto Show clearly think some of their customers still have a need for speed.

    Jeep proudly rolled out a 707-horsepower Grand Cherokee that it says can go from zero to 60 mph in a blazing 3.5 seconds. And Honda (HMC) says its new Civic Type R is "the fastest, most powerful Honda ever sold in the U.S."

    For a different type of buyer, Lincoln introduced its stylishly redesigned Navigator SUV, which Ford (F) CEO Mark Fields said will "elevate family travel to first class." Buick introduced a wagon version of its 2018 Regal. And Hyundai showcased a redesign of its midsize sedan Sonata, which regains some of the design cachet it lost with the last version.

    Along with its introduction of the speedy Type R, Honda also emphasized its green car portfolio. The Honda Clarity -- which has been available only as a pilot project fuel cell car -- is adding all-electric and plug-in hybrid versions. Like Ford earlier this week, Honda emphasized its commitment to electric cars. "Electrification is the future of mobility and the future of Honda," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president of American Honda.

    Here's a closer look at some of the more interesting vehicles at the show, which is open to the public from April 14 to 23.

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