10 smarter ways to spend your tax refund

  • Mark Wilson/Getty Images

    Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

    Nearly 75 percent of all American taxpayers last year received a refund -- to the tune of nearly $3,000 on average, according to the  IRS. And, while the best budgetary move is to pay off debt or invest that money, some experts say spending it wisely is actually not a financial crime.

    "When something provides us with a lot of pleasure, we should do it," says behavioral economist Dan Ariely, author of Predictibly Irrational. "Of course, it's better if we can do it with less cost." But there's a big difference between an impulse buy that you'll regret in a month and making a purchase that gives you pleasure today and makes financial sense. Here are 11 smart splurges that, over time, will pay for themselves. And at $1,000 or less, the average taxpayer will have money left for the IRA.