10 homes you can buy for $650,000

  • Photo courtesy of Zillow

    It may be a seller's market with home prices on the rise, but a budget of $650,000 could still get you a lot of creature comforts in most places -- if buyers can find something to buy.

    These homes are more than three times the national median home value, which is currently $198,000, according to Zillow. But despite being well above a half-million dollars, $650,000 doesn't come close to covering the median value of homes in some pricey parts of the country, like the 94117 ZIP code in San Francisco ($1.45 million) or the 11215 ZIP code in Park Slope, Brooklyn ($1.13 million).

    As usual with real estate, getting the most bang for your buck is all about finding the right location. In midsize cities like Charlotte, North Carolina, $650,000 could buy 5,205 square feet and three porches. In larger metros like Los Angeles, a buyer with that budget could find 1,290 square feet and access to a gym.

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