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Woman rescued after driving into waters of Newport Beach

Woman rescued after driving into water in Newport Beach
Woman rescued after driving into water in Newport Beach 00:51

A woman had to be rescued out of the water in Newport Beach after she drove down Via Genoa, through a playground at a nearby park and off the side of a dock.

Fortunately for the driver, her injuries were not serious however Newport Beach PD was investigating this accident as a possible DUI. 

Several bystanders nearby helped rescue the woman from the vehicle, CBSLA has learned. 

Newport Beach PD originally responded to the scene at approximately 7:48 p.m. on Friday after receiving a report of unknown trouble near Via Genoa and Vido Lido Nord.

When authorities arrived, they found the vehicle inside the water. 

There are not details on what kind of car the woman was driving. 

Witnesses told CBSLA what happened once they saw the woman drive into the water.

"I turned around and got a piece of the pipe from the railing and I just bashed both of the windows in. From there someone was able to open the trunk and once they were able to open the trunk they had her out," Jehu Jogwe.

It's unclear what motivated the woman to drive into the playground in the first place.

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