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Woman Killed In Violent Crash In Santa Clarita

SANTA CLARITA (CBSLA)  —  A woman was killed Saturday evening in a violent crash in Santa Clarita.

The crash occurred on Golden Valley Road and Sierra Highway. Officials said the crash shut down the intersection for hours.

KCAL9's Cristy Fajardo reported from the scene. She said the accident traumatized witnesses.

The car the woman was driving is now unrecognizable. All that is left of the Toyota Corolla is a patch of black, she reported.

The car was  crushed by the weight of a pickup that was carrying a camper and hauling a trailer before also hitting a city bus

"It was pretty traumatizing," said Elliot Corona.

He was working at La Cocina restaurant and rushed with a fire extinguisher to try to save the woman who was killed in the accident.

"I was hoping she'd be okay but at this point, there was no hope. The car was completely crushed. Everything was compact.  There was a fire and we we're just  trying to get that out."

Deputies believe that woman was stopped at a red light on Golden Valley  waiting to make a left.  Apparently, the driver of the pickup came up behind her and didn't stop.  The force pushed both of them across the intersection and into the bus on Sierra Highway. The impact was so powerful the bus slammed into a power pole.

Hours later the traffic signals were still dark.

"I heard from other people that that's it for that person," said Jenny Padilla, a passerby. "And I don't think it's fair but I've just been here  hoping for something [good] to happen. There's really nothing I could do."

It's been an emotional night for people who've come across the scene. Many say they can't help but wonder where the woman was heading and who might be been waiting on the other end?

Investigators were still on scene at 10 p.m. taking measurements.  They are also going to test to see if the pickup's brakes failed or was dealing with some other mechanical problem. Investigators said they also took a blood sample from the pickup driver to see if they could determine if drugs or alcohol were involved.


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