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What 'Good Wife' Fans Can Expect In Show's Final Season

LOS ANGELES ( — For seven seasons -- some 150 episodes -- Julianna Margulies has been the "Good Wife": strong, defiant, and independent.

But one surprising announcement made on Super Bowl Sunday stating that the show was in its final season changed it all.

Now in its final episodes, CBS2 got a chance to speak with co-creator Michelle King about why they're ending the show and just whose decision it was.

"There were conversations with the network, with the studio, with Julianna … and really, everybody came to the same decision, and with us, that to be able to go all together is really what we all wanted," she said.

They gave us the inside scoop on what to expect as the show wraps.

Are past characters coming back?

Yes, lots of them, but don't expect Will Gardner alive again, nor Kalinda Sharma to return.

They say it's not happening.

How about Alicia and Peter? And what about a happy ending?

King offered this clue: "What I admire is when an ending feels inevitable and surprising."

What about a possible "Good Wife" spinoff, perhaps with another ensemble cast?

King said, "nothing's off the table," adding: "but there's nothing formal. And … sure, maybe. We're not saying 'no' to anything at this point."

The creators of "The Good Wife" say its bittersweet to part ways with Margulies, who three years ago told CBS2 Anchor Pat Harvey what the series means to her:

"It's a joy to be able to be part of something that actually makes you think … and makes you laugh. There's humor, there's tremendous amount of emotion in it, and complex characters."

Margulies released the following statement:

"To the most amazing and talented cast and crew, there will always be a special place in my heart for our 'Good Wife' family... as we close the book on our beloved show, I am humbled and grateful to know that together, we created and were a part of something truly remarkable."

There are eight episodes left. The series finale is scheduled for May 8.

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