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Volvo Device Automatically Slams The Brakes When It Spots Pedestrians, Cyclists In Car's Path

SANTA MONICA ( —  Volvo has unveiled a new cutting-edge device that automatically slams the brakes of a car when it spots and identifies pedestrians and cyclists in its pathway.

The high-definition cameras, which are located in the rear-view mirror and the car's radar, first sends the driver warning lights and sounds when a person or bicyclist comes too close to the vehicle.

If the driver fails to react, that's when the car will then come to a stop.

"Volvo has always been the leader in safety. They invented the three-point safety belt back in the 1950s. Take that forward thinking and that's where we are today," said Will Saunders of Volvo of Santa Monica.

Drivers believe the new technology could make a difference in people's lives in today's world of distracted motorists.

"If you could have that one extra signal or device that would maybe put the brakes on a little earlier, that would be great," said driver Neal Davis.

According to Volvo, the radar device will be available in May and become standard in all of its 2014 models.


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