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Vigil Held For Father Killed While Riding Bicycle

SOUTH LA (CBSLA) — A South LA community held a vigil Tuesday evening for a man killed while riding his bicycle the night before.

"I was looking at my brother laying in this street you feel me," said the victim's sister Sharon Findley. "He was not moving and I knew he was gone right then and there."

He was riding his bike blocks away from their home when he was struck.

"Didn't have a chance. Didn't even make it to the hospital. He was dead right here," said Findley.

Police say just before 10:30 p.m. two vehicles were speeding down Broadway approaching 82nd Street. One of them hit 54-year-old James Findley.

"All we heard is bam boom bam. Jumped up. Ran out here and I seen him. See my brother in the street dead," said Findley. "I knew his bike. That was his bike. I knew it was him."

The driver that struck Findley stopped and was arrested on manslaughter chargers. The other fled. Police are looking into whether they were street racing.

"Drag racing at like 10:30? This is a community. Everybody got kids," said the victim's cousin Laquesha Gipson. "You don't think people do things like this on a busy street. What if it was somebody's kids you know?"

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