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Vandals and street takeovers deface new 6th Street Bridge

Graffiti and skid marks mar new 6th Street Bridge
Graffiti and skid marks mar new 6th Street Bridge 03:51

Since its opening in early July, crews and police have constantly worked to maintain the 6th Street Bridge's beauty only to have it marred by more graffiti and skid marks.

Vandalism and street takeovers were not what Los Angeles had in mind when the city opened the over half-a-billion dollar structure a little over a week ago. 

The City's Office of Community Beautification said it has cleaned the deck, ramps and arches erasing the graffiti that has marred the bridge's smooth concrete, while the Los Angeles Police Department said they have tried to limit street takeovers while on patrol. However, the patrols have not been able to stop all of the street takeovers and antics with one driver stopping traffic to do donuts and a pair of people climbing one of the bridge's 10 arches.

"This bridge is a new landmark of the City of L.A. and we intend to care for it as such," said Councilmember Kevin de León's communications director Pete Brown. 

About 15,000 people came to see the new 3,500-foot bridge, but many more continue to visit the 6th Street Bridge to admire the structure that took years to finish.

"To me, it is like a sheet of music, so lyrical," said visitor Victoria Pynchon. "I'm flabbergasted, more beautiful than I could have imagined."

While Pynchon admires the beauty of the bridge she also said that people will celebrate the opening in their own way. 

"I mean it will become just another bridge, but right now it's this big celebration," she said. "It's a raucous city. It's connecting two of the most important areas of Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and the Arts District. It's not going to be a perfect rollout."

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