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STEAM: Meet The Teen Art Prodigy Who Got The Attention Of Kamala Harris

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- Meet Tyler Gordon, a teen and speed-painter who has gotten attention for his artistic talents from near and far.

Over the past four years, the 14-year-old has been on a painting frenzy, and folks in high places have started to notice.

"I had this dream when I was 10 years old," Gordon said. "God told me if I didn't use my talent he was going to take it away."

A few weeks ago, a video of Tyler painting Vice President-elect Kamala Harris went viral.

With no formal training, he completed his masterpiece in less than an hour and Harris ended up contacting him, telling him he has a "gift."

"She broke through tons of barriers," Gordon said. "And I myself have broken through tons of barriers."

Tyler was born deaf and has dealt with bone fractures caused by a Vitamin D deficiency.

"Some of the challenges that I've overcome was being in a wheelchair for two years," Gordon said. "Kids would bully me because of my stutter. Some days I just come home angry and just put my feelings onto the canvas," he also added.

The teen's self-portraits reflect his emotions, like paintings called "Different," I'm Not a Freak," "Broken," and "Can't Silence Me"

"I feel it's given me the ability to like talk about and stand up for myself," Gordon said.

Of all the steam disciplines Tyler relies most on art -- the art of crafting together masterpieces and the art of resilience.

"Some people think I don't mess up on painting, but I mess up multiple times," he said. " place the eyes in the wrong position. I have to restart, try again and succeed."

Earlier this week, Gordon delivered four of his portraits for his first art gallery residency.

His work will be on display through the end of the year in the Beverly Center's "Heirs to the Throne" artists exhibition.

Gordon's first clue that he had a special gift came at 10 years old when he asked his mom for art supplies to compete in a portrait contest at school.

"She gave me just some black paint, and in 17 minutes, I painted this portrait of my principal and ended up winning the contest," Gordon said.

Gordon has his own charity called Tongue Tyed to help raise money to provide speech therapy for people who stutter.

His advice to anyone being bullied is whatever your gift is, "use it."

"Always stand up for yourself and just don't let no bullying and no people drag you down," Gordon said.

Gordon's artwork can be viewed online at


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