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Top 2016 Pop Culture Costumes To Wear This Halloween

Dennis: "I like to analyze and solve problems."

This year presents one of the best chances to really show your friends how funny and creative you are by selecting from a realm of pop culture options out there. From presidential candidates who have redefined politics to those that wore a red sweater and more, this Halloween is going to be one of those special times to laugh out loud at all of the incredible costumes. We decided to help you out by selecting our top options for costumes this year!

(credit: Everett Collection/shutterstock) (credit: Everett Collection/shutterstock)
1.) Donald Trump

Go get an orange spray tan, a terrible blonde wig and dress in the most generic dark blue suit and you'll get some great laughs being Donald Trump as Halloween this year. Oh, and don't forget the "Make America Great Again" red hat. That will seal the deal if someone is wondering why a scary orange man is wandering the streets. He's made quite a splash to say the least this past year, so it's not surprising that this will be one of the most popular costumes this Halloween season. Especially, since Halloween is about a week before citizens of our great country come out in droves to vote. Your local Halloween costume store is sure to have plenty of options. Or, shop online. There are plenty of options on Amazon. Make Halloween Great Again.

2.) Hillary Clinton

In the world of this year's presidential election, Clinton may not be as ridiculous a costume as being Donald Trump, but strap on a great pant suit, wear a short blonde wig, throw on some "Im With Her" stickers or pins, and most people will think it's a pretty fun costume given the timing of the voting booths opening about a week later. How to pull off the face? has you covered!

JIM BOURG/AFP/Getty Images JIM BOURG/AFP/Getty Images
3.) Kenneth Bone / AKA The Man In The Red Sweater At The 2nd Debate

After the second 2016 presidential debate, it was clear who the winner was. It was a man named Kenneth Bone. Forget the ridiculousness of his name alone. This man has effectively become a pop-culture phenomenon simply because he just seemed so lovable and huggable. Wearing a bright red knit sweater and a power 'stache, this undecided voter asked the candidates a question and won over the hearts and minds of America forever. Since that brief question, the Internet, and the media have been on fire by creating meme's devoted to Bone, and brands have even decided to start promoting the "Kenneth Bone Look". You can even buy the red sweater through Izod. The irony of the situation is that Bone never intended to even wear this sweater. He wanted to wear a great olive suit but because he had gained 30 pounds he torn his pants getting into his car. This led him to switch outfits and the rest is history. So, get a red sweeter, a fake mustache, throw on a few extra pounds and be the best Ken Bone you can be.

(credit: Helga Esteb/shutterstock) (credit: Helga Esteb/shutterstock)
4.) The Stranger Things Cast

You'll have to be a bit younger to pull these costumes off, and you'll need a gaggle of friends to come along with you, but we assure you it'll be a big hit. As one of the breakout shows of the year, Stranger Things gave us all a glimpse of the great 80's and how cool video-game nerds could be. So, how do you pull off these costumes? Well, someone needs to have curly semi longer hair and have a lisp, and then you need a balled-headed girl to go along. The other friends just need to dress like 80's kids. So, go get a Michael J. Fox vest, and a t-shirt and you can be the third wheel of the group! One of your friends can grab the high school shirt on, and the red, white and blue hat one of the characters wore.

Prince (Bertrand Guay/Getty Images) Prince (Bertrand Guay/Getty Images)
5.) Prince

We're certainly not making light of Prince's untimely death by suggesting him as a great costume idea. Instead, honor this great rock icon and person by dressing up in your best purple garb. From an 80's rock royalty wig with curls to the Prince Rogers Nelson Purple Rain full outfit, you've got plenty of options to pay tribute to the legend.

(credit: dennizn/shutterstock) (credit: dennizn/shutterstock)
6.) Snapchat Dog Filter

Ok, we know the photo above is not the Snapchat dog filter, but whether it's rainbow coming out of your mouth or those amazing dog ears and the long tongue from the Snapchat filter, people will be laughing as they pass by you throughout the evening on Halloween! Snapchat filters have taken over in pop-culture and social media in 2016, so it's no surprise this will be a big one to take advantage of. Amazon has the perfect costume to help you achieve it. Just wear a yellow Snapchat shirt also.

Ryan Lochte /Photo by Harry How Getty Images Ryan Lochte /Photo by Harry How Getty Images
7.) Ryan Lochte

Dye your hair white, kick a few signs over and dress in a USA speedo and you'll be the ultimate Ryan Lochte for Halloween. This one may take a little explaining to do given that this costume won't tell the entire story, but we're confident you can pull it off!

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