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Pet Owner Blames Delta Airlines For Losing His Dog At LAX

LOS ANGELES (  —  A Tampa man is in agony after he said Delta Airlines lost his dog at LAX.

Frank Romano and his 6-year-old dog, Ty, a pit bull, were headed to Tampa last Friday.

Romano says he was in his seat when an airline employee broke the news to him that they couldn't find the dog.

CBS2's Jeff Nguyen spoke to Romano via video chat Friday, a week after Ty was first reported missing.

Romano is home now and still doesn't know what happened to his dog.

"It's been very depressing. Very upsetting. I've been crying. I've been angry," Romano said.

"She said your dog bit through the kennel. And we need you to just identify the dog. And then she changed her story that they couldn't find my dog. And that the dog had been lost for an hour," Romano said.

Romano got Ty more than a year ago at a pet store where he volunteered as a dog walker.

The store's manager, David Cervantes, told Nguyen the two quickly formed a bond.

Bird House/Dog House in North Hollywood originally didn't want to let Romano adopt Ty because Romano's family was homeless and living in motels.

After Ty left the store,  the staff has been getting weekly updates from Romano

"He would call us to say Ty's doing good. We're getting along. Send pictures. Everything that went on, we would know," says Cervantes.

The Department of Transportation's website says more than a dozen pets have chewed through their kennels and died on flights this year alone.

Delta sent Nguyen a statement that read in part: "Early indications show that procedures were followed, and the dog may have compromised the kennel on its own. Delta regrets this occurred while this pet was entrusted in our care."

"I just want my dog back. He's my best friend, that dog," Romano said.

Romano says his family moved to from LA to Tampa hoping to find steady work. But his effort to make his life better has now taken a huge setback.

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