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Stolen Boat Taken On Destructive Joy Ride Through Newport Harbor

NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA) — Multiple boats were damaged after a vandalism suspect went on a destructive joy ride through Newport Harbor.

Officers were chasing after a suspected vandal at about 9:30 a.m. when the man stole a boat in the harbor and took it for a joy ride, according to Newport Beach police.

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Warning: Video contains strong language

The boat, a 60-foot yacht, sailed right into Debora Dolly's sailboat -- with her inside. Dolly says she hit her head, so she is going to get herself checked out -- but more than anything, she's shaken up.

"The entire starboard side came crashing in on me and it didn't stop," she said. "It came once, twice, three times, so the whole boat, the poles, the steel, the enclosure -- everything was crashing in on me."

Witness Kai McCartney says after the boat slammed into sailboat, the joy rider backed up, did a few donuts in the harbor, then tried to get away. He further detailed how the entire dock was almost pulled off when the suspect pulled away in the stolen boat.

"He took off," Dolly said. "I thought, 'is this going to be a hit-and-run?' What's going on?"

The joy rider hit another boat, then hit a wall -- the impact of which brought everyone out of their homes, according to McCartney.

The suspect was later identified as Joel Siam, 38, of San Diego. He was arrested by harbor police, and the stolen boat was towed away.

Authorities disclosed that the boat was being serviced at the time of the theft, and the keys were on board. The person tending to the boat had stepped away when Siam boarded and took the boat out.

One of the boats damaged in the incident is reported to be a 1960 Tolleycraft, that the owner had just gotten delivered on Saturday -- he hadn't even gotten a chance to take it out yet.

In all, at least two boats sustained considerable damage, with reports that a third boat was also on the receiving end of Siam's joyride.

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