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Skeptics Continue To Doubt Military's Explanation Of 'Mystery' Light Over LA

GRIFFITH PARK ( — A number of local skeptics refuse to believe that the "mystery" light over Los Angeles over the weekend was the result of a military missile test.

Despite official word that the light was created by the reflection of sunlight off the missile's brilliant contrail, some still believe it was something else.

"People believe, primarily, that we're being visited from extraterrestrial races, from all over the universe," Coast-To-Coast radio show host Richard Noory said.

Noory says many of his callers don't trust the government, or they're explanation of the light.

"People have lost faith in government, so they're convinced that the government is holding back information about UFOs and visitations," Noory said.

The light was seen many plenty of witnesses in California, but was also observed by people as far east as Arizona and Nevada. The military confirmed Saturday night that an Trident II missile was launched from the Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of California.

"So, when the government says, 'this isn't what it is, it's a balloon or it's this or it's that', people don't believe it anymore," Noory said.

Noory says it is his belief that the light was the result of the test missile.

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