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Serious Damage Reported To 91 Freeway After Storm

LOS ANGELES ( — A crack about 50 yards long in the 91 freeway is being blamed to the large amounts of rainfall that came down early Tuesday morning.

The freeway experienced major damage on the highway in Corona near Green River Road.

"Water pretty much got in underneath the pavement, it's affected the soil underneath, and as a result there's been some pavement damage up above."said John Standiford of the Riverside County Transportation Commission.

An emergency repair is underway at the westbound section of the 91, which has caused major delays. Multiple lanes remain closed.

One driver named Greg Stewart said: "To go one mile, it took two hours."

With a quarter-million people travelling this stretch of highway regularly, going to and from the Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles, traffic is only going to get worse.

A stretch of two westbound lanes after Green River Road will remain closed until Thursday.

"If you have to use it, leave at two in the morning to get there by six," Stewart said.

Caltrans advises drivers who travel between I-15 and the Orange County line to use alternate routes (SR 60, I-10, SR 142, or SR 74) until repairs are completed Thursday.

Experts are going to study this crack to try to prevent future damage.

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