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Conejo Valley School Board Member Slams Parent In An Email To Her Boss

THOUSAND OAKS (CBSLA)  -- A contentious relationship between a parent and a member of the Conejo Valley School Board has boiled over with the parent accusing the board member of trying to get her fired from her job.

"That to me was just the last straw - it had been six months of very contentious board meetings," said parent Jessica Weihe.

She says her intense battle with the district was over curriculum. Weihe claims the board was being too restrictive over certain content and lashed out at board members after reading one of the books in question.

At one meeting she said, "I was quite disappointed to find no malicious material. You all had me bracing to clutch my pearls."

Those comments Tuesday were on top of Weihe's fierce criticism of the board she makes on her blog. Her attacks apparently struck a nerve with board member Mike Dunn, who fired off an email to Weihe's boss.

Dunn's email reads in part:

"I am told that you approve of the political activities of Jessica Weihe. Every time she slanders or libels the school district or a school board member during public comments at a board meeting, I am going to respond that Jessica works for Mustang Marketing."

"It's pretty problematic and concerning," Weihe says, "when you speak up at a public school board meeting, which you have the right to do that a board member would retaliate against you by reaching out to your work and threatening your work."

CBS2's Tom Wait offered Dunn a chance to respond on camera, but he would only speak to him by phone, saying Weihe's statements are slanderous and libelous.

"Jesica Weihe is trying to use the district schools to promote her agenda and indoctrinate the students. She is known for her profanity and telling lies. She is opposed to people who hold religious beliefs. I wrote that email to protect the school district."

This isn't Dunn's first brush with controversy. A year ago he was accused of trying to restrict the district's content on LGBTQ people.

Wait also reached out to all the board members for reaction to the email controversy, and he reported that he only heard back from one who said they would not be issuing any statement.

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