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Scent-Free Hand Sanitizer From Gardena-Based Artnaturals Found To Have Cancer-Causing Chemicals

GARDENA (CBSLA) — Consumers should immediately stop using artnaturals hand sanitizer because they have unacceptable levels of cancer-causing chemicals, according to the FDA.

Carcinogen Found In Hand Sanitizers That Plugged Pandemic Gap
ArtNaturals hand sanitizer for sale at a store in Ardsley, New York, U.S., on Friday, March 19, 2021. Some widely available hand sanitizers that American consumers snapped up last year to ward off coronavirus infection contain high levels of a chemical known to cause cancer, a testing firms analysis found. Photographer: Tiffany Hagler-Geard/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Certain artnaturals scent-free hand sanitizer labeled with "DIST. By artnaturals Gardena, CA 90248" have been found to have unacceptable levels of benzene, acetaldehyde, and acetal contaminants, the FDA said in a warning issued this week. The product has been added to the FDA's list of hand sanitizers consumers should not use.

Benzene can cause certain types of cancer in humans, and acetaldehyde has been found to do so as well, according to animal studies. Meanwhile, acetal can irritate the upper respiratory tract, eyes, and skin.

The FDA says that before they issued the warning this week, they made multiple attempts to contact artnaturals to discuss the contaminated hand sanitizers, but the Gardena-based company did not respond.

Consumers who have a hand sanitizer that the FDA has warned against using should dispose of it, ideally in a hazardous waste container, which may be available from local waste management and recycling centers. Contaminated hand sanitizers should not be poured down a drain or flushed.

Anyone who has experienced health problem from using a problematic hand sanitizer can submit a report to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program.

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