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Santa Paula Police Not Laughing About Video That Suggested Reserve Officer Wanted To Run Over Cyclists

SANTA PAULA (   —  A video intended to be funny and satirical doesn't have officials with the Santa Paula Police Department laughing.

The video, posted to YouTube on Friday, is a rambling commentary about what a nuisance bicyclists can be.

The video, shot in Calabasas, was created by a volunteer reserve officer with the Santa Paula Police Department identified as Laura Weintraub.

CBS2's Brittney Hopper says the volunteer who created the video has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.

According to the station's Facebook page, a volunteer who added "sarcastic" comments on the page about the video has also been placed on administrative leave.

Weintraub was a volunteer officer for about three years, the department said.

Chief Steven McLean has called the video "an enormous lapse in judgment" and said he was "extremely and entirely disappointed and embarrassed."

He also called the video "stupid" and understands why the cycling community was appalled.

Comments on YouTube were even harsher. Weintraub even received death threats.

Many of the comments, from bikers or bike enthusiasts, insulted her appearance, said they were "glad" she lost her job and told her she wasn't funny.

"Disgusting humor," said one post.

In the video, Weintraub is shown as a passenger in a car where she talks about how much she hates bike riders.

"Every single one of them."

She asks the driver how much she would have to give him to "run one of these over."

At the end of a two-minute, 20-second rant about cyclists, a photo-shopped image of a car is shown plowing into about ten riders sending them flying in the air. On the freeze-frame there is a caption that says, "Like you've never thought about it..."

Weintraub has a YouTube page where she does acerbic commentary in her car called "Cup Holder Commentary." This video was called "The Bicycle Edition."

In the video that offended cyclists, she insults them for wearing spandex, screams at riders to stay in their lane, talks about them being a nuisance and says she wants to move some place with snow "so I don't have to deal with these a-holes."

The YouTube Video

Hopper reports Weintraub posted an apology on her Facebook page.

"My heartfelt apologies to those that have been offended..." she wrote.


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