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Residents Protest Neighbor's Plans To Turn House Into Sex Club

OAK HILLS (CBS) — Some residents in the High Desert are upset about a planned adult club called The Kinky Palace.

Organizers want to locate it in a residential area of Oak Hills near the Cajon pass, but some residents oppose the plan.

The owner of a 5,000 square foot home in the remote area of Oak Hills wants to use it for sex parties.

"This is a shock to the community," said Terry Kostak, who is the president of the Oak Hills Property Owners Association.

She said that the homeowner originally scheduled a sex party for next month, but cancelled after getting push back.

"He brought it up with advertising for his business with the website with flyers," Kostak said.

"I'm planning to host a variety of parties. Anywhere from a normal birthday party to swingers and the lifestyle parties," the home's owner, Roberto Clemente, said to us over the phone.

Clemente was out of town.

The County of San Bernardino has told him that group parties, in which money is exchanged, would violate zoning laws in a residential area and mirror a business.

Clemente said that his neighbors were being hyper sensitive.

He said his parties would be out of sight behind drawn curtains. He said that noise would not be an issue, because his closest neighbor is nearly 100 yards away on the other side of a ditch.

"Sound does carry. More than it would in the city," Kostak said.

Clemente said his parties were not part of a business because he does not charge a membership fee. Instead guests would make donations through a Paypal account.

"They think that they can go into my bedroom. And bedrooms of the people in the neighborhood and be able to tell them what to do," Clemente said.

But neighbors said they would not rest until Clemente ditched his plans.

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