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Prius Driver Caught In Terrifying Downhill Flood Says He Thought 'This Might Be It'

BURBANK (CBSLA) — The torrential rains that have pummeled Southern California this week have left trail of death and destruction few in the area have seen. Today, one man whose terrifying trek down a Burbank hill made headlines is counting his blessings.

The image of Desionne Franklin's Prius being pushed by a flood of water down Country Club Drive was a frightening thing to watch, let alone experience.

"It was one of those moments I never felt before, where your whole life flashes in front of you: 'This might be it,'" Franklin told CBS2 News Thursday.


Franklin said he and his girlfriend did not know whether they would survive being pushed down the hill, as if surfing atop the water Wednesday.

Luckily, Franklin was able to maintain control of the sedan, maneuvering the car to safety as it went out of frame of the recording device that captured the moment.

As he surveyed the aftermath, he showed how the water had, at one point, reached midway up the car.

Despite the ordeal, Franklin, a father of three, said his car is fine.

Given how many others fared in the rains, Franklin said it could have been a lot worse.

"I do feel like I'm fortunate to have made it out, but, in comparison to what's happening up north, man, I have no words for that."

No injuries were reported in Burbank as a result of the rains.

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