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Nicole Kidman Stars In AMC Commercial Asking People To Come Back To Movie Theaters

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) - Nicole Kidman is the star of AMC's latest commercial: For the first time ever, the theater chain is advertising itself on network television.

Variety Editor Clayton David said it is a sign of the times.

"Everyone is consuming content differently, what is the answer?" asked David Wednesday.

AMC's $25 million ad campaign is an invitation to get people back to theaters.

The pandemic closed theaters for 18 months. Even after reopening, box office totals remain 72% behind 2019, according to a report by "The Wrap."

"Probably when you don't hear no more noise about COVID or Delta or anything else I think we'd be comfortable going back to the movies," said Rosa Cavallero, a Burbank resident.

Others said the convenience of stay-at-home movie nights is too good to pass up, especially with hundreds of streaming options.

"Personally I would prefer for it to be at home, in the comfort, that's how I always wanted it," said Bri Skinner, a Burbank resident.

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