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Neighbors Say Woman Caught Up In Police Shootout 'Got Wrapped Up With The Wrong People'

REDONDO BEACH (CBSLA) -- Alison Hart's neighbors told CBS2's Greg Mills they were shocked to see someone they have known for decades step out of a vehicle Friday following a wild pursuit and shootout with deputies.

Hart was the female driver police say was traveling around with a wanted murder suspect in her passenger seat.

But while some of the neighbors said they were shocked, several also said they weren't terribly surprised.

Hart exited the vehicle covered in blood. Police said she was wounded during the shootout but she will be okay.

The passenger, now identified as Dylan Andres Lindsey of Torrance, is the spitting image of a man wanted for the murder of a liquor store owner in Downey Tuesday.

Authorities have not said how Hart and Lindsey are linked.

Neighbors on the quiet Redondo Beach where Hart lives said they quickly recognized her when she got out of the vehicle.

"It was shocking. It was Alison," said Doug Holker.

He's known her for decades.

"She grew up here. Known her for at least 30-plus years. She was a good kid," Holker said.

During summer, Holker said the neighbors often have pot-luck type get-togethers in their driveways.  Holker says he knows the Harts.

"Know the parents well. They're great folks, good folks," he said.

Some neighbors said police have been called to the Hart house repeatedly over the last 10 years. They say it's a good family but Alison has made some bad choices in friends and associates.

"She had some bad judgment with her friends and got wrapped up with the wrong people. And it just escalated. And escalated over time," Holker said.

Mills knocked on the Hart's home front door but no one answered.

Meanwhile, neighbors said they did not know if Lindsey was someone who spent time with Hart or in the Hart home.

Downey Police raided that home Friday night, according to neighbors.

One neighbor told Mills she had a "revolving door of friends who just weren't good people."

Said Holker, "It's sad to see she made these decisions."

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