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'Moving Hotel' Buses Passengers From LA To SF In Overnight Sleep Pods

LOS ANGELES ( — Imagine going to sleep in Los Angeles and waking up in San Francisco.

A new company called Cabin (formerly SleepBus) is offering overnight bus rides between the two cities with private cabins for the eight-hour trip.

The $115 one-way fare includes an individual sleeping pod, attendants, two pieces of luggage, nighttime tea, morning coffee, ear plugs and free Wi-Fi. Cabins are equipped with clean bedding, a reading light and an electrical outlet.

"By consolidating both transportation and accommodation into one simple and delightful experience, Cabin's one-of-a-kind moving hotel experience enables people to travel without travel time," the company says.

Departure time is 11 p.m. and arrival time is 7 a.m.

Cabin recently secured $3.3 million in seed financing to launch the overnight bus service. The new round of funding will allow the company to eventually expand to other regional routes.

SleepBus was the company's initial pilot service launched in 2016 that placed passengers in a trailer connected to a commercial truck. Cabin currently operates two big double-decker buses, with one used as a backup.

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