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Caught On Video: Mountain Lion Lounges Next To Sliding Glass Door In Simi Valley

SIMI VALLEY (CBSLA) — A mountain lion was spotted again prowling a Simi Valley neighborhood, just a day after it was believed to have attacked two dogs, killing one of them.

A photographer spotted the big cat loping through the front patio of a home near Rising Star Avenue and Moon Shadow Street. It was then spotted walking along Yosemite Avenue, where it jumped a wall toward Bluebird Circle.

simi mountain lion sliding door
FILE - December 6, 2019 (Credit: Simi Valley Police Department)

The early morning stroll is just a few hours after it was found stretched out beside the Rodnunsky family's sliding glass door, much like a common housecat. It did not seem to be bothered by the people gawking at it from inside the house.

Paige Rodnunsky was home alone when her dogs started barking at the sliding glass door. That's when the 15-year-old saw the mountain lion curled up on the patio.

"It was purring and hissing at my dogs," she said. "It was honestly pretty calm, just wanting to get to them, you know."

The mountain lion took off before police officers arrived.

The sightings have all occurred in same neighborhood where a miniature pinscher was killed by a mountain lion early Thursday and a havanese was attacked during its walk Wednesday night.

The mountain lion appears to be wearing the tracking collar used by the National Park Service, but Fish & Wildlife officials say it does not appear to be working. The big cat's ribs are visible, making it likely that it came down from the nearby hillsides for food.

Residents and pet owners were warned to take precautions with the mountain lion frequenting the neighborhood, including not hiking, biking or jogging alone, especially at dawn, dusk or at night; keep small children close, and never approach a mountain lion.

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