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Model Sues Oscar De La Hoya For Allegedly Involving Her In Sex Acts Against Her Will

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A model claims that she feared for her life during a wild night with Los Angeles-native boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya.

Those allegations are at the heart of a civil lawsuit filed in New York. Angelica Cecora, 25, is suing the 38-year-old boxing champ, seeking $5 million for emotional distress, false imprisonment, assault and battery.

De La Hoya did not appear in court Wednesday for a hearing in which his lawyers asked the judge to throw out the case.

The complaint says Cecora and De La Hoya had consensual sex in March 2011, according to Reuters. De La Hoya then ordered around $300 worth of cocaine to be delivered to his room, the complaint said.

Cecora told reporters his strange behavior and sexual requests afterward were against her will.

"Oscar came off as a nice genuine person when I met him," Cecora said outside the courthouse Wednesday as her lawyer stood by her side. "As the night proceeded, um, he started to get a little bit out of control. Things took a wild turn that they shouldn't have, that I didn't sign up for. Oscar took advantage of me in every way possible."

Cecora's lawyer said she has modeled for magazines including Playboy and Maxim.


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