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Meet California's Burger Queen: In-N-Out owner Lynsi Snyder

In-N-Out’s president & owner shares her wild journey
In-N-Out’s president & owner shares her wild journey 07:25

Meet the president and owner of In-N-Out, Lynsi Snyder, who became California's "burger queen" at the age of 17.

Snyder met up with KCAL's Jamie Yuccas at the In-N-Out "Museum in Baldwin Park, which is a replica of the original burger joint built by her grandparents built in 1948.

Lynsi Snyder

In 70 decades, that single store has grown into 334 locations in six states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas and Oregon.  

In-N-Out had California's first drive-thru, which revolutionized hamburger stands in the state.

Harry Snyder, Lynsi's grandfather, got the idea of the "speaker box" to use for the drive-thru from being in ships while he served in the United States Navy.

Lynsi Snyder spilled the tea on the pay, culture and family drama of the In-N-Out empire.

Synder explained how culture is built and maintained at the fast food restaurant. She explained how all In-N-Out leaders train at "In-N-Out University" where they start in the kitchen.

The management team can get paid almost $200,000 a year and some employees have been with the company for over 50 years.

Lynsi also talked about how the company is unapologetically Christian and they started putting Bible verses on the bottom of cups and fries in 1985.

She dives more into the details of her family history in her a book called "The Ins and Outs of In-N-Out Burger" along with how she had her own transformation.

Lynsi is Harry and Esther Snyder's only grandchild and spent her younger years growing up in a small town up in northern California.

When Lynsi's grandfather died in 1976, her uncle took over the company as president at 24-years-old. Her uncle Rich Snyder ran the business for 17 years until he died in a plane crash.

After her uncle's death, her dad took took over the business and moved the family down to Los Angeles. 

Lynsi's father passed away in 2010 and that's when she took over the family business at 17-years-old.

Along with leading a billion dollar empire, Lynsi has been happily married for nine years and has four children.

And when asked if she would ever sell the company, this was her response:

"No, that's not an option because for me this is a stewardship. This is something that has been handed to me to take care of and I take that seriously. There's a responsibility of continuing my family's legacy. I love my family too much and I love my In-N-Out family too much and i love the customers too much," said Lynsi Snyder, President & Owner of In-N-Out.

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