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Large Marijuana Farm Discovered, Raided In Topanga State Park

TOPANGA ( — A marijuana farm in Topanga State Park, that was originally discovered by California State Park Rangers, was raided on Friday.

Rangers were assisted in the raid by the National Park Service, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Nearly 5,000 pounds of mature marijuana plants were removed by a team of 16 officers and a Los Angeles Sheriff's Department helicopter. The estimated street value of the marijuana is $2,500,000.

Additionally, over 500 pounds of trash, camping gear, and cultivation infrastructure was also found and removed.

The pot farm had been divided into seven separate plots, according to authorities, each hidden in the chaparral forest. The damage the farm caused to the ecosystem is said to be significant, and officers reportedly took steps in reversing the damage to the environment surrounding the farm.

Authorities say that no suspects have been located, although investigators are working on evidence, found at the scene, that suggests recent activity by several suspects.

The investigation is ongoing.

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