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Manhunt Continues For Murder, Carjacking Suspect Connected To City-Wide Crime Spree

BURBANK (  — The manhunt continued Sunday for a suspect police said has gone on a violent month-long crime spree involving murder, attempted murder, carjacking, robbery and assault.

Artyom Gasparyan has reportedly been linked to a deadly drive-by shooting in Van Nuys, two shootings in Burbank and a carjacking and hostage situation in Long Beach in which three people were injured (two shot, all three stabbed).

Officials also said Gasparyan had an accomplice in the Long Beach incident -- that accomplice shot himself in the head and died.

On Sunday, CBS2's Greg Mills spoke to people in the same Burbank neighborhood where Gasparyan allegedly shot a homeowner and gardener on the morning of Dec. 9. The neighbors on Catalina Street would only speak if their faces and names were not used.

"Yes, I'm worried. I'm very worried," said one woman.

Several residents said they are scared the alleged murderer will come back. He's also committed crimes in Los Angeles, Carson, Arleta, Van Nuys and West Hollywood.

"I know he's out there and with everything he's done he seems like a very mentally unstable person and who knows what he's capable of. I know he's capable of shooting someone in their own driveway," said another woman.

The gardener reportedly recovered from his wounds (there has been no official update on his condition) but the homeowner is still in the hospital -- Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.

The residents are fully aware of the crimes Gasparyan is accused of committing.

"Murder. attempted murder. carjacking. evading police. police chases. all kinds of things," said a woman.

Burbank Police told Mills they've received more than 100 unconfirmed sightings of the suspect.

One person told Mills they've seen Gasparyan close to home.

"Yeah, this is the guy we saw at the 7-Eleven," said one woman.

She said she and her kids saw Gasparyan at that store on Hollywood Way and Victory Boulevard around noon Sunday -- this is just a few blocks from where the two men were shot.

Residents just want him caught and soon.

"I can't imagine something like that happening in Burbank let alone all across the Valley, all across LA," said the Burbank resident.

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