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'He's An Unappreciated Superstar': Louie Anderson On Eddie Murphy, 'Coming To America', 'Baskets'

(CBS Local)-- Comedian Louie Anderson has built a 40 year comedy career on embracing himself and his roots.

The Minnesota native comes from a family of 11 and has spoken openly on stage about the struggles with his alcoholic father and questions he wished he asked his mother.

Anderson's career has taken many twists and turns and it's included experiences with some of the best in Hollywood like Eddie Murphy and John Hughes. The co-star of "Baskets" on FX confirmed the buzz about "Coming To America 2" and will never forget his time with Murphy during "Coming To America."

"Eddie and Arsenio got fitted for costumes already," said Anderson in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "I learned about fame on that movie. There were 5,000 people on Queens Boulevard waiting for his [Eddie's] door to open on his trailer. When it did, the whole fence bowed in. He is just the greatest guy. He's an unappreciated superstar."

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While many know Anderson for his movie roles and time on "Family Feud," he's carved out a niche for himself as Zach Galifianakis' mother in "Baskets." The experience of this role has been a deeply personal one for him.

"I was in right away, I said I'd love to play the mother," said Anderson. "I always thought I'd play my father, but I do my mother in my act. I picked the clothes off the rack that I thought my mom or my sisters would wear. Season four was the most emotional season for me. I really realized the relevance of it all... being a mother and how much my mom sacrificed for me. Then I wondered if my mom was ever this happy and that was really hard to deal with. Then I found a picture of my mom as a young teenager and she was so happy. It was such a beautiful thing to have happen."


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