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Motorist Brandishes 'Military-Style' Knife In Disturbing Case Of Road Rage Caught On Camera

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — Road rage often comes with the territory during rush hour in Southern California.

But Greg Danner says he caught an incident that stopped him in his tracks while walking in Long Beach.

"I see this guy in a parked car step out of the car brandishing...a military combat knife and pointing it threateningly at people who were stopped in another car adjacent to his," he said.

The video shows the man pulling out a knife twice -- once with the door open pointed at the other vehicle. Seconds later, he's seen holding it up to his face. Then, he says, the man takes off — but not before approaching Danner himself.

"When I was giving the footage to the passengers in the car he had threatened, he came walking back up the sidewalk to convince me that I hadn't seen what I had just seen," Danner said.

That's when he started to record again.

"Do you think you can get away before I take that phone from you? Do you think you can get away before I take that phone from you?" the man says, walking closer to Danner. Suddenly, he backs off.

Long Beach police say they're looking into the case. No arrests had been made at the time of this report.


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