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Training For Army Special Forces Pilots Continues In Long Beach

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) – Army training drills continued Wednesday in the Long Beach area as loud explosions rang out and low-flying helicopters landed throughout the night.

While details of of the military drills are undisclosed, soldiers were seen entering a building where they ran through different scenarios.

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The Los Angeles Police Department was in the area to provide security.

LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar explained why the Army was training in L.A.

"L.A. is a great venue for training. You have the water the ports, you have a very urban setting, you have a dense population and so when you look at compiling training and more realistic training – whether it's in law force or the military – you want to make it as real as possible," she said.

Wednesday marked the third day of military drills, which is expected to run until Saturday.

During that time, the military wants the public to know sounds of aircraft and weapon simulation may be heard.

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