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Lawyer For Singer's New Accuser Says Client Has Evidence In Sex Abuse Case

BEVERLY HILLS ( — The lawyer for a second man accusing X-Men director Bryan Singer and a Hollywood producer of sexually abusing him when he was a teen presented what he called evidence in his case against the defendants Monday.

Jeffrey Herman is representing an unnamed man from the United Kingdom in his case against Singer and producer Gary Goddard.

At a press conference held in Beverly Hills on Monday, the lawyer said his client, who is being called John Doe, has proof of the alleged abuse.

At the center of the allegations is a photo of Singer Herman says was taken at an after party for the 2006 London premiere of the Superman Returns movie.

In the shot, Singer can be seen with actress Kate Bosworth and a then-17-year-old boy now at the center of the new lawsuit. The accuser is wearing a green shirt and his face is blurred out.

"I build cases with blocks, okay. This is one of those blocks," Herman said.

It's alleged John Doe met Goddard when he was 13, and that the producer got the teen to "send Goddard nude pictures of himself" and take part in a "web-cam session in which both John and Goddard were nude."

Herman also produced a photo of a hand-written card allegedly written by Goddard to the plaintiff, which he says was sent with a box of chocolate.

Another photo allegedly taken the night of the Superman Returns premiere shows Singer, Goddard and the man identified as John Doe.

In the lawsuit, the accuser claims Singer offered him a Quaalude at the event and took him back to a hotel room, where a third man "smacked John Doe around" during a sexual assault by Singer and Goddard.

It also claims a large man "stripped John of his clothing."

The plaintiff says that he still has the envelope the letter was enclosed in, as well as a Superman bracelet from the premiere to prove he was there.

In the lawsuit, John Doe also claims he was not able to connect his alleged injuries to what he claims happened in 2006 until this year.

He says Goddard reached out to him over the weekend through social media, but that he did not reply.

Representatives of both Singer and Goddard have denied the most recent allegations.

The men were mentioned in a previous lawsuit filed last month by Herman on behalf of Michael Egan, a 31-year-old man who claims he was molested by the defendants and two other Hollywood executives.

All four of the men in that case vehemently denied the allegations.


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